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Advice for business and property owners affected by the disturbance – Citizens Advice Bureau

Posted on 15th August 2011 by

Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau have released advice for those whose businesses or personal property has been damaged in the Birmingham riots

Since the recent Birmingham wide disturbances, which started on Monday 8th August 2011, many businesses and property-owners have suffered significant losses. Regardless of the severity of the damage to your property there are avenues available to recover your loss.

An insurer can make a claim in the policy holderĀ¹s name against the police to recover their losses under The Riots (Damages) Act 1886 (RDA). In order to do this the claim must normally be lodged within 14 days of the damage having occurred. However, according to the Prime MinisterĀ¹s Statement on the 11th of August, the time limit for applying for compensation will increase from 14 to 42 days.

Businesses that have suffered riot damage that do not have property insurance can also make a claim to recover their losses directly from the police under the RDA.

According to the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), people who have been affected by the turmoil should speak to their insurance broker as soon as possible.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) says damage to homes, including riot damage and fire, would be covered under a standard home insurance policy. It goes on to state that many policies will also cover people for accommodation costs if they can’t stay in their home.

The AA states that comprehensive car insurance policies will normally cover policy holders for damage to cars that have been smashed, burnt out or damaged in any other way. Third party policies will not cover you because they exclude cover for the car itself. Third party, fire and theft may cover you for fire-related damage, so check the policy wording carefully.

The ABI says most policies will cover the direct damage and theft of property, plus pay compensation towards the costs of an interruption of business as usual, if the policy includes that cover.

When making a claim, you must ensure:

* You know your policy

* You keep receipts and proof of ownership documents safe and be prepared to produce them

* When you make a claim, act quickly

* Provide as much detail as possible

* Don’t exaggerate


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