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Local councillor urges calm and community unity in response to rioting in Birmingham

Posted on 9th August 2011 by

A message from Councillor Waseem Zaffar related to last night’s disturbances in Birmingham and parts of Handsworth:

“Tonight has been and continues to be a difficult night for all associated with Handsworth. The actions of the minority, many not from the local area, has once caused suffering to our community.

I have returned from Soho Road and have witnessed much of the acts of criminality first hand. I have been in contact with senior officers of West Midlands Police throughout the day and will continue to have communication with them over the next few days to ensure that these scenes are not repeated again.

I, like you all, want to see those thugs responsible for these acts of crime prosecuted and punished for their actions. If anyone has any information that can assist the Police in making arrests, please share this with them as soon as possible.

Finally, I understand and appreciate that tonight has been difficult, especially for those that have suffered at the hands of these thugs, but I urge you not to react with any form of violence.

We need to once again pick up the pieces and stand united as one during these most difficult times.”

If you have any information related to the rioting that can help the police to catch the people responsible, you can call CrimeStoppers anonymously.

CRIMESTOPPERS   0800 555 111

Message from Chief Inspector regarding disturbances in Birmingham

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Please see attached message from Chief Inspector Sean Russell of West Midlands Police. 
Tonights activities on the streets of Birmingham City Centre are disgraceful and by means acceptable as a means of protesting against anything including the death of a gentleman in London with Police involvement and/or disaffection of young people not in employment. It is important that those responsible for bringing our great city of Birmingham into disrepute are bought to justice asap. 
Please ensure that your children, family and friends are at home tonight to prevent them getting held up in the middle of disorder in the city. 
Dear all,

As you may be aware we have a number of issues currently occurring within the city centre. It is apparent that we have large groups of youth, male and female, all heritage groups , aged 14 – 19yrs currently running amock in the city.

I am asking for you to speak to you community contacts, family and friends and ask the following questions.

1. Do you know where your children are currently?
2. Are they out in the city?
3. Can we exert some parental responsibility to bring our children home and stop this disorder.

Are you able to copy and paste this onto community contacts and try to help to resolve this speedily.

I would be grateful if you are able to support this.

Sean Russell
Chief Inspector
Birmingham West and Central

Latest Edition of the Birchfield Bugle

Posted on 29th June 2011 by

To read the latest edition of the Birchfield Bugle:


Features include:

  • Lord Mayor Comes to Westminster Primary School
  • Our Man in America
  • Birchfield’s Got Talent
  • Father Tom’s 80th Birthday 
  • Change all Around

The newsletter is compiled by Birchfield Residents Action Group (BRAG). To contact BRAG email or visit

Spread the Word! Lozells, Birchfield and Handsworth People’s Conference

Posted on 14th June 2011 by

Citizens unit to make change!

The Lozells, Birchfield & Handsworth People’s Conference is taking place on Saturday 9th July 2011(10.30am-2.00pm) at Handsworth Campus, City College Birmingham, Soho Road,Birmingham, B21 9DP

 To confirm your attendance, please email

Why are we doing this?

 In the last few years, many residents and community groups have been actively involved in helping their neighbourhoods become better places to live and work in.

We have achieved a lot together as local communities in improving the profile of our neighbourhoods, however there is still more to be done. Local households are finding themselves affected by increasingly tough times. In our Ward, committed individuals from different agencies have already started to talk about how with fewer resources we can work together better.

 What are we doing?

 You are invited to join many other residents to help shape the future of life in our area over the coming years. In this most significant Conference in years, we will be setting out our key plan to enable us to work better together.

Firstly, we would like to set up 5 independent Neighbourhood Forums covering the entire Ward. They will be residents’ led groups who genuinely work in the interests of everybody within their neighbourhood.

Secondly, we would like to bring people together to discuss Community Safety, Health & WellbeingHousing & EnvironmentEmployment & Business, Children & Young PeopleWomen and Voluntary/Community Groups

What do we want from you?

We want to hear your views and advice on our ideas to transform the Ward to put residents at the heart of everything:

–        Tell us the key issues around where you live or work in the Ward

–        Tell us what you think the solutions may be to solving some of these issues

–        Tell us how we all can do better

Birchfield Residents’ Police Priority

Posted on 31st May 2011 by

At the Birchfield Police Community meeting held on Wednesday 25th May at St Clare’s School, Robert Road residents raised concerns about an increase in quad bikes that are being used in an anti-social manner. The Lozells and East Handsworth Neighbourhood Police team will be collating information in relation to the riders of the quads and will be sending letters to the owners. All quad bikes which are being used illegally will be dealt with so please help the Police by letting them know where these bikes are being kept. To contact your local Police team either ring 0345 113 5000 or email

Want to take a group for a day out? Take the police up on their generous offer

Posted on 25th May 2011 by

Your local police team have a minibus which they use to support the local community. It seats 15 people and is driven by two local PCSOs Nigel Smith and Dave Mogridge. If you want to organise a day out they will take you – no charge! Just call 0121 428 6155 and ask whether it is available when you want to go. This is a fantastic community service by the local police but obviously it is popular and book NOW!

Birchfield Police Community Meeting

Posted on 23rd May 2011 by

The next Birchfield Police Community meeting is to be held on Wednesday 25th May at St. Clare’s School, Robert Road at 6.30 p.m. Come along and have your say about local policing in your area. For further details ring 0845 113 5000 ext 7862 6716

Be a ‘Wildlife Detective’ this half-term!

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Free Half – Term Fun Activity at Handsworth Park.

A great chance to play Wildlife Detective on either Thursday 2nd or Friday 4th June at Handsworth Park, Holly Road, B20 2BY between 10.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. Just pop along to the Boathouse Cafe and collect a treasure hunt book and have a go at the self – guided detective trail through the park.

All ages welcome.For further details ring (0121) 523 7514.

For information on half term activities across Birmingham for children and young people email:”

The Big Lunch – 5th June 2011

Posted on 17th May 2011 by

The Big Lunch is about getting as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch with their neighbours in a act of community, friendship and fun.

This year it’s taking place on Sunday 5th June. It’s still not too late to organise an event. A Big Lunch this summer with your neighbours is a great opportunity to have some fun. There are many benefits to holding this event:

  • To create a good community spirit
  • To show how local people can change a neighbourhood for good
  • To share stories and skills
  • To discover common ground across age, class, faith and race.

For further details visit – where you can search for a Big Lunch event happening near to you in Birchfield.

Livingstone Road Allotments Fly – Tipping Hot Spot Gets Makeover

Posted on 16th May 2011 by

For many years Livingstone Road Allotments had been blighted with a fly – tipping hot spot which always had a varierty of dumped items including household waste, old baths, toilets and more dangerously asbestos. The allotments has a public right of way running through the centre of it and rather than making use of Birmingham City Council’s Bulky household items collections service or taking items to the nearest waste collection depot unknown persons would make the effort to go and dump their unwanted items at Livingstone Road Allotments.        

An application was made by the Birchfield Neighbourhood Manager to Birmingham City Council’s 2010/2011 Secured Sites programme . The application was successful and a grant of £3,950 was awarded to erect a shed on the former fly – tipped site.  Now allotment tenants can use the new facility to store their tools.

If you know of any other fly – tipping hot spot areas in Birchfield, Lozells or Handsworth please inform Yvonne Wager, Ward Support Officer on (0121) 303 9841.